Don’t Check in Your Bags! The Advantages of Shipping Luggage Internationally

Planning to travel abroad, be it for business or pleasure? You will probably need to take some clothes and other personal belongings with you. This means you need to think about the best way to get your luggage to your destination country.

Should you check in your luggage at the airport or have it shipped ahead of you?

There are many benefits to shipping luggage internationally instead of checking it in. Here are a few you should know about.

Avoid the Hassle of Clearing with Customs

Do you like to travel light? Given the chance, who wouldn’t like that?

When you let an international courier service ship your luggage, that’s exactly what you get – the opportunity to travel with a minimum load.

The disadvantage of checking in your bags is that you will have to clear customs when you reach your destination country. This may take time as you wait for your baggage at the baggage belt before proceeding to get customs clearance.

The process can get quite cumbersome if you are connecting flights and have to have your bags checked at every country in your itinerary.

When you opt to have your luggage shipped overseas, you can avoid potential delays when clearing with customs. This way, you will only need to present your passport and ticket as you walk through the checkout lot.

Your long-awaited time abroad will start with a hassle-free experience.

Gain Some Control over the Unexpected Events

No matter how well you plan, you just can’t anticipate everything and international travel is no exception.

If you are traveling abroad by air, for example, and bad weather is expected on your travel date, your flight can be delayed or even canceled. This means you will have to wait until you are booked on the next available flight.

If you have heavy baggage with you when this happens, you may end up being stuck at the airport until the situation has been resolved.

If you arrange to have your luggage shipped ahead, you will have the freedom to move around the airport or even run a few errands before it’s time for your rescheduled flight. No need to worry about leaving your baggage unattended.

This way, you will be in full control of your trip.

Ensure the Safety of Your Luggage

Aside from your own safety, the safety of your luggage is also of utter importance when you are traveling to another country. However, you can’t always be sure that your prestigious briefcase or suitcase will be handled with the utmost care.

Why not let the pros put your mind at ease?

No doubt, most airlines have efficient systems for handling passenger luggage.

However, because they prioritize passenger safety over anything else, thus they may not give your luggage the exacting level of handling and care desired. This explains why cases of lost or missing bags at the airport aren’t uncommon.

Plus, fragile items such as those made of glass may get damaged while in transit.

Although most airlines will compensate you for lost items, the process of filing a complaint can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

If you’re traveling abroad for a vacation, this may mean that you may not wear that swimming costume that you bought after all.

With international luggage delivery services, you can rest assured that your luggage will be placed in the safest hands possible.

Plus, you will be sure that your luggage will be waiting for you upon arrival at your destination country. This is essential to ensure everything goes on well during the time you will be spending overseas.

Get Around the Destination Country with Ease

Traveling abroad for the first time?

Even if you are armed with a detailed map of the place you will be staying, you can never rule out the chances of getting lost, especially if nobody will be receiving you at the destination country.

Now imagine arriving at the destination country with lots of luggage to carry. Who will keep an eye on your bags as you queue up at the taxi stand to get a cab? You may easily lose your luggage in an airport buzzing with activity. What’s more, you will surely get exhausted.

The easy way out is to ship your luggage ahead of you.

Although this may come at a small fee, you can’t compare it to the risk of completely losing your luggage. A luggage shipping service will identify the exact physical address that your luggage is supposed to be sent.

So, once you land, you will have an easy time getting to your destination. You won’t have to get worried about losing your luggage through the hefty airport commotion while looking for a ride.

Save Money

Did you know that shipping luggage ahead of you can be a more economical option than checking it in?

Depending on the distance involved, international travel can be quite costly and heavy bags can escalate the costs.

This is because most airlines charge higher prices for the privilege of checking bags that exceed a certain weight.

In this regard, shipping your bags may prove to be a cheaper option than checking in the bags.

Shipping Luggage Internationally Is a Viable Option for You

From the above discussion, it is obvious that shipping luggage internationally offers a number of great advantages over checking the luggage. These advantages include potential cost savings, convenience, luggage safety, better control over unexpected events, and many more. Ultimately, the final decision is yours to make.

If you are ready to have your luggage shipped ahead of you, call tel:2129891919 or get a quick quote today!

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