Why Choose To Cross Dock?


There are many different ways to transport different items and goods.  There is always the traditional route of shipping or mailing, but in many cases, there are certain packages which are extra sensitive.  They may be important business documents or contracts, or they may be a shipment from a warehouse to a retail store or supplier.  No matter the case, Need It Now Courier service offers the most efficient and affordable cross docking services on the market.


Reducing delivery time is one of the top reasons individuals and businesses choose this method.  This streamlined logistics procedure allows products to be picked up directly from the supplier or manufacturing source and sent directly to their final destination.  By unloading goods and placing them directly onto outbound trucks and other transportation, there is no need to ever store them in a warehouse facility.  In turn, this also directly decreases handling time, as well as the risk of delays or lost boxes.


Cross docking services are offered for both international and domestic shipping.  Domestic packages can often even arrive in 24-48 hours.  Need It Now understands that there are instances when every minute or hour counts and the sooner and safer your package is delivered, the better.  This is why they offer expedited cross docking for both domestic and international orders, without compromising the level of reliability or safety.


The reason that the cross dock terminal is such a reliable, well-oiled machine, is because they are used to receiving a very high volume of inbound products, around the clock.  There is a specified receiving dock with well trained staff, who determine whether your package will be moved directly onto the next outbound vehicle.  They are experts in  mapping and tracking and have created a science to each and every shipping shortcut.


Once the packages are unloaded, they are sorted appropriately towards their final destinations.  No matter the size of the package, it will be screened to make it’s way safely and securely to the customer, without any interruptions.  Many customers use this service to send items which are time or temperature sensitive, such as perishable food items.


Need It Now has assisted a variety of businesses to improve their supply chain processes.  Their modern, efficient workflow allows all of their customers the peace of mind that their professional or personal packages will arrive without a hitch!