In this high-tech economy, people are used to the nearly instantaneous delivery of information. With the click of a button or a tap on a touch pad, you can do nearly anything that used to require a trip to a store, a walk across the building or picking up a phone. When it comes to getting your packages and letters delivered on time, final mile delivery provides the speed that you need with the reliability your business requires.

About Final Mile Delivery and Why Should You Use It?
Have you ever driven across the state or the country only to find that the last mile was the longest part of the journey? In order to answer the question, “What is final mile delivery?”, it is important to understand the logistics of parcel delivery. Most parcels are taken by ground transportation to an airport. The majority of the transit is by airplane. Once back on ground, the item again returns to ground transport for the final leg of its journey. Interstates or highways may be used until the item gets close to its destination. That last mile may involve congested city streets and traffic jams that slow down the delivery process. With final mile delivery services, we cut out the congestion and get your parcel to its recipient with the same level of speed that the other parts of the journey provided.

How Final Mile Delivery Works
Final mile delivery relies upon state-of-the-art technology to get parcels from the cargo bay to the recipient’s front door. It works on items as small as a paycheck to things as large as a baby grand piano. When you need final mile delivery, it is encoded into the parcel’s bar code. We also offer assembly, debris (packaging) removal and placing the item in the room of choice. This is really going the extra mile in the final mile!

Warehousing of Final Mile Items
In many instances a large retailer will want items on hand and available at a moment’s notice for a consumer. If the retailer doesn’t have a physical location we offer warehousing and immediate delivery of items purchased on line or by phone. Your shipment of items gets picked up from the dock or airport and brought to our clean, safe and well organized warehouse facility. It gets inventoried with state of the art inventory software. It can be kitted (put into kits or sets of items) as needed

How Final Mile Delivery Benefits Your Business
The drivers make a personal delivery and stay while the recipient opens the parcel to confirm that the item is as expected and has arrived in excellent condition. A signature is required to confirm and accept the delivery. With the instantaneous tracking of final mile delivery, you do not have to play a guessing game about whether or not your parcel arrived on time.