NEED IT NOW specializes in time-definite delivery of packages anywhere in any city.

Locally, we deliver packages in the following ways:

  • Walkers
  • Vans and trucks for larger packages

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Need it Now began as a local messenger in NYC using bikers, walkers and vans to deliver rush service throughout Manhattan and the Tri-State area. Today Need it Now provides delivery service to all major cities in the US and Internationally. This still includes deliveries to your doorstep. We also are a full service logistics company and provide warehousing for Final Mile Deliveries for any size retailer in the US or overseas. We have 30 years of experience in expedited shipping and do not try to force you into a “one size fits all” solution. You will see as you navigate through our site that we offer many options. Our couriers and dispatchers are professional and can prevent situations that get in the way of delivering your packages and documents ON TIME. We will work to find the best route for your package or large shipment to arrive quickly and safely at its destination.

Locally, NEED IT NOW, delivers packages in the following ways:

  • Walkers
  • Vans and trucks for larger packages

Your schedule is our schedule!

How do we get your packages delivered in NYC?

Our messengers will take the fastest route and the quickest means of transporting your package from point A to point B. This sound simple at first until you take into consideration factors such as train delays, messenger center schedules for receiving packages, consolidation of deliveries in order to keep cost down, couriers ready to leave at a moment’s notice etc.

As in any service business the most important element is the human factor. How do we motivate our people to make your deliveries their priority? The answer is we value our employees and they value the work in exchange. That is how we ultimately control what happens in the process of your delivery. There is never a substitute for an individual who WANTS to get the job done. At Need It Now Courier our team wants to get your delivery completed on time and in tact. And we know how to do it!