Supply Chain & Logistics Services for Life Science

Need It Now Courier / SDS Global Logistics have been offering business solutions that have been employed successfully by business from across a wide spectrum of industries for over 25 year’s.   One of the industries where our experience has proven to increase efficiencies and reduce costs is Healthcare and Life Science transportation.

Need It Now Courier / SDS Global Logistics specializes in providing on demand services and creating efficient same-day courier routes for the proper handling of laboratory specimens, blood, pharmaceuticals, clinical trial drugs and most mission critical items.

In Medical Deliveries you are sometimes literally dealing in life or death matters. The courier company you choose must be completely reliable and fully familiar with the legal and necessary methods of delivering specimens, charts, pharmaceuticals and other essential medical items.


As professionals in doing medical deliveries we are fully familiar with the legal basics:
OSHA Compliant in all aspects of health standards and maintain integrity of specimens, x-rays etc.
We adhere to HIPAA codes as regards the confidentiality of your shipments.


Stat on a 24/ 365 days per year basis
Routed deliveries for less cost and very dependable.
Dedicated couriers on demand.
Refrigerated transport which is temperature controlled including frozen and ambient as needed.
Dedicated trained couriers for routed and on demand medical deliveries
24 hour service available and 24 hour live dispatching.


1. Trained to handle specimens correctly.
2. Trained and certified by DOT in the transportation of hazardous materials.
3. Trained in Security Awareness.
4. Our medical delivery drivers have had background checks and have no criminal history.
5. Drug and Alcohol tested and passed.
6. Trained in and carry spill kits.