The Evolving Retail Landscape and Final Mile Deliveries in 2017

Be competitive in the new retail spaceNYC customers want products as quick and conveniently as possible. It’s essential for retailers to offer multiple channels to purchase and deliver merchandise. By leveraging NYC messenger delivery services and continuous real-time data, businesses are reducing the customer time responsibilities and building customer loyalty. Need It Now Courier is the leading nyc courier service for last mile deliveries in NY.

Retailers are accelerating  and streamlining difficult, tedious and burdensome backend processes and getting products to market faster. Digital marketplaces allow for adoption of more visual, collaborative and social tools.

Retailers are exploiting machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence for a targeted, focused, customized consumer shopping experience. Customers have longer shopping histories and social networking profiles enabling retailers to offer a tailored selection of products. The North Face, and others are using AI to provide personalized recommendations and dedicated delivery services for last mile deliveries. Last mile delivery is the readily perceived segment of the supply chain and key to the customer experience.

Both aging baby boomers and youthful millennials are looking for an idividual personal shopping experience. Heightened expectations on the part of affluent costumers favor special products delivered by a NYC courier service.

The last leg of delivery, ending up at the consumer’s home or business, is challenging as most consumers are away from home when deliveries are usually made. The result is that unattended delivery has become a significant issue among delivery companies.

The orchestration of processes and information for the procurement of goods, especially in the last mile delivery to the customer is a required competency in today’s direct-to-consumer marketplace. The client may or may not be aware of rail shipping or trucking to a hub but they are certainly aware of the NYC courier service bringing the delivery to their door. The convergence of supply chain execution systems is a goal that companies like Amazon and Walmart are well on their way to achieving. For other enterprises to keep pace, they have to begin the development of their strategic road map.

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