Holiday Deliveries May Be Christmas Miracles

Holiday Delivery, the Ghost of Christmas Presents

Though getting online orders fulfilled has been difficult in the past, it has been much faster and easier of late. Even when ordering on a deadline to receive shipped items, there doesn’t seem to be any problem getting items quickly. Factor in the Holidays, however, with everyone demanding items before Christmas, and it takes somewhat of a miracle to pull off. The logistics alone in getting shipments expedited, under normal conditions, are a delicate balance of affairs. But, factoring in Christmastime volume, it is a sheer miracle that deliveries can be expedited at all. But the options now have made difficulty in shipping Christmas presents a ghost of Christmas past.

No item too large or small for holiday delivery

Gone are the days of hoping and praying items of any size can be there in time for the Holidays. The ways and means of expediting final mile deliveries or items, even of unusual size, abound. From local on-the-ground delivery to fast messenger service, navigating the barriers to shipping and delivery has never been easier. So, whether it’s a large piece of furniture or some costume jewelry, it can be there in time for that special day, even if it’s the same day everyone else needs it.

Closing the holiday delivery distance

Local deliveries are obviously the easiest. Giant retailers such as WalMart have localized distribution centers to ensure their stores are stocked quickly. Other retailers such as Staples have “pick-and-pack” fulfillment centers, also in strategic locales all over the country to ensure rapid delivery. Amazon, is perhaps the master of this, with its fulfillment center network growing at a staggering rate.


This is no longer reserved for the retail giants, however. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now farming out warehousing to local shipping companies that specialize in on-time deliveries, with special attention paid to the final mile logistics. This means even greater chances of getting that last-minute order by Christmas. Despite the increase of demand, service is getting surprisingly faster.

A bigger Holiday budget with more left over after shipping costs

Why many are looking for ways to reduce shipping costs, no more are the days where expedited shipping needs to eat up the majority of that holiday budget. With localized warehousing of items and expedited, final mile delivery, shipments in time for the holidays are quite cost effective. So, not only are shipments getting from warehouse to under the Christmas tree faster, more is left for shopping not shipping. In other words, the economics of last minute shopping have improved. Expedited holiday shipping has saved the day and the season too!

How to get large items delivered and not break the bank

No longer is it a worry to last-minute shop and have items in plenty of time for the holidays, especially without breaking the bank to do it. Expedited shipping at low cost is yet possible with companies who figure out logistics, warehousing and final mile deliveries in minute detail, on items of all sizes.


Need It Now Courier utilizes these modern-day logistics to provide worry-free service in getting those items shipped in time for Christmas and pull of a few holiday miracles in the process which, this time of year, can make a tremendous difference in getting more presents under more trees which would not have otherwise made it until well after New Years’.

Final Mile Delivery Way to Go for Large Items


Final mile deliveryLarge Items? No Problem. Final Mile Delivery is at hand.

Shipping and delivery are two of the most important components of customer fulfillment nowadays. And, while smaller items may not be considered a huge logistics issue, what about getting those larger items to their destination in a timely fashion? What about shipping something the size of a grand piano? Final mile delivery provides an answer.

The problem with large items

Bulky, weighty and expensive may be three adjectives which come to mind when thinking of getting large items delivered. The weight and girth are major factors in getting items shipped. Also, logistically speaking, getting them that “final mile” presents a conundrum. All of which is costly to both shipper and recipient. Smaller businesses especially complain about the rising costs. Final mile delivery is designed to deal, specifically, with this very issue.

No warehousing – no problem

Space is another major concern, especially with sellers or retailers who do not have space to store items and have them on hand for shorter customer delivery. Space is costly, square footage being rated at a premium, especially of late. This adds considerably to costs as well as time of delivery. One of the most major benefits of final mile delivery is that warehousing locally can be provided to stage items until they are ready to ship locally, reducing costs drastically and improving delivery time by leaps and bounds.

Move shipments as fast as a large online retailer

Not everyone can operate as do some of the online retail giants. Warehousing and bulk delivery options are limited for lesser-sized organizations. Options for delivering items, especially in a timely fashion, are few. That is one of the greatest benefits of many retailers is that they have shipping locations strategically placed in localized regions for optimum shipping time and cost. Final mile delivery brings this as a possibility for even the smallest of organizations.

How to get large items delivered and not break the bank

“Final mile delivery” is all you need to know in getting large items to their destination in a timely fashion and as cost-effectively as possible. It takes the “final mile difficulty” out of logistics, giving even the smallest of companies a competitive edge on servicing the end recipient with products of even large or unusual size. Here is a breakthrough in service where it is vitally needed.

For the largest of items in need of shipping, fast and in a cost-efficient manor, Need It Now Courier provides the ultimate in logistical solutions for companies of all shapes, sizes and configurations. The possibilities are now near-endless with final mile delivery shipping bulk, heavy and large items, nearly as easily as small ones, and for a fraction of what it may cost otherwise. The bottom line is that it may mean everything to your bottom line. Inquire about it now.